baby receiving infant massage

There’s a new baby in the family, and your whole world has changed. You feel so responsible for this tiny human, and you’ve likely been doing your research, because you want what’s best for them. From choosing the right nursery items to rituals and routines around feeding and sleep….parenting involves a lot of decision-making! Most of all, you want your baby to be healthy and happy.

Who doesn’t want that? It is a parent’s instinct to tend to a child in need of care.

How do we instinctively tend to a baby? Through TOUCH.

We pick them up. We hold them. We stroke their head, face, and back.

Touch is a language that babies understand, and they thrive with touch that is positive and nurturing.

Learning infant massage can help parents and family members feel confident in providing healthy nurturing touch to a baby.

Some benefits of infant massage are:

  • Promotes relaxation and restful sleep
  • Aids in digestion and eases discomfort from gas or constipation
  • Contributes to growth and development
  • Empowers the person giving the massage in providing care for their baby
  • Promotes bonding and healthy attachment
  • Sets a foundation for the child to recognize positive touch

Infant Massage Lessons

Infant massage lessons are offered in private or small group settings. You will learn to recognize cues from your baby, when is a good time for massage (and when not to massage), and hands-on techniques you can use at home (or anywhere, really!).

Additionally, I am trained in massage for infants with special healthcare needs, so if this applies to your child, you can still learn massage techniques that are appropriately adapted to them. My goal is to help you feel confident providing nurturing touch to your baby, whatever their needs may be.

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Infant Massage Therapy Treatments

Looking for massage therapy for your baby – to treat a specific condition? I do that, too!

Infant massage picture of hands holding baby feet

Sometimes, babies have particular ailments that they need professional treatment for, and you may be looking for an RMT to help with that. Some common ones include torticollis, muscle tension, and trapped gas. Massage therapy can treat these, and I welcome collaboration with your baby’s other healthcare providers. I may also teach you specific techniques to continue care at home between treatments.

Home Visits

Babies tend to respond well to massage, especially when they feel comfortable and safe. I treat in a quiet and tranquil space but also understand that in some cases it is easier for babies to be treated at home. I may be able to travel to you, depending on schedule availability and location. Please inquire for more info.

**Home visits are currently on pause, but will hopefully return in the future!**

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