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For both new and experienced parents, having a baby leads to a shift in lifestyle and routines, and also the way one feels physically, mentally, and emotionally. You are now spending the majority of your time and energy caring for a newborn, and may be so preoccupied you can’t remember when you last ate, used the bathroom, or got a decent amount of sleep – But hey, it’s okay to ask for help, and care for yourself, too. 

The postpartum period is an ideal time to receive as much support as possible, and massage therapy is a wonderful way to treat some of the things that come with birthing and caring for a newborn.

Some reasons you might come in for a massage are:

  • Muscle tension and soreness (from labour and birth, or from holding and feeding baby)
  • Joint pain (pelvic/SI joints, hip, back, shoulder, and neck pain)
  • Pelvic health (external treatment of the pelvis and abdomen, to complement any treatments you are receiving from a pelvic floor physiotherapist)
  • Breast/chest massage (blocked milk ducts, tenderness)
  • Cesarean/c-section scar massage (after the scar has healed)
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • “Me” time – an hour focused on you!

Picture of a woman receiving a neck and shoulder massage

In a postpartum massage treatment, we focus on what your needs are that day, and I include elements of relaxation to help you feel rested and rejuvenated. In the first few weeks, your baby can lay next to you as you receive your massage. If treating with breast/chest massage or cesarean scar massage, I will also show you techniques you can use at home.

Self care is an important practice for anyone, but especially parents and caregivers. When you make yourself a priority and feel cared for, you are better able to take care of those around you (your family!). Everyone benefits!

Postpartum Massage Home Visits

Home visits are available if you are in the early postpartum weeks. You can receive massage therapy in the comfort of your own bed while keeping your baby close to you for cuddling or feeding as needed.

**Home visits are currently on pause, but will hopefully return in the future!**

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